MyoKinesthetics is a comprehensive program of soft tissue manipulation  and nervous system re-training that interrupts the pain pattern, calms the nervous system and releases the muscle memory: relieving your pain immediately!

When your body is out of balance, even if it is only in one area of your body, you can settle into movement patterns that cause stress to your entire body. And you may not experience the painful effects until much later. That’s why the pain can seem to sneak up on you out of nowhere.

Most pain relief techniques address pain by treating the symptoms, but lasting relief comes from finding the source.

By looking at all the factors that create or intensify pain patterns, like: posture compensations, muscle imbalances and nervous system dysfunction, you can usually find the true source of the pain.

It works great for any muscle or nerve pain from head to toe, including headaches, shoulder issues, back or hip pain, and knee or foot pain.

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