Pain Test

Take this quick test to see if chronic pain is affecting your life.

Has your pain lasted for more than a week?


Is your pain the result of an injury which should have healed by now?


Does your pain get worse when you are stressed or angry?


Do you have trouble sleeping because of pain?


Does your pain affect your ability to do the things you want to do?


Do you ever have to call in sick because of pain?


Have you tried other treatments: massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc. with no lasting results?


Do you take pain medication (ibuprofen or stronger) on a regular basis for your pain?


Do you perform repetitive tasks on a daily basis?


Are you worried that your life will never be the same due to your pain?


Do you have to rely on help from others to perform daily tasks?


Does your pain prevent you from exercising?


Does your pain interfere with your work performance?


Is your pain felt as a deep and achy sensation?


Do you experience numbness, tingling or sharp and shooting pain sensations?


Does it hurt when you make a specific movement?


Is your pain constant?


Are you beginning to feel like you just may have to live with your pain?


Is it harder for you to enjoy things because you are in pain?


Do you ever feel a sense of hopelessness about finding a solution to your pain?


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