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Distress of any kind contributes to loss of homeostasis, metabolic chaos and dysfunction. These all lead to a weakened state of health. Left unchecked, symptoms appear. Instead of chasing symptoms, we use a precise method of looking at the body as a whole, finding hidden underlying conditions, creating healing and supporting you along the way.


With every service we offer, we don't treat symptoms but work to find the cause


We offer therapeutic massage for pain relief that  includes deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Massage is an effective tool for pain relief. It is

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) provides a framework and logical, step by step method of restoring and maintaining health. FDN Practitioners use functional lab testing to

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MyoKinesthetics is a comprehensive program of soft tissue manipulation  and nervous system re-training that interrupts the pain pattern, calms the nervous system and releases the

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